The Lads at Gigg Lane

We’ve got Glyn Garner in goal
He’s Welsh right to his soul
Matty Barrass is our number two
He’s a Bury lad through and through
Next is Woodthorpe from the Mersey
Wearing number 3 on his white jersey
Big and bald is Danny Swailes
He’s as hard as six inch nails
There’s Duxburry from Oldham
“Mi best signing” Preece told em
We signed Unsworth from Crewe
Hasn’t scored many, just two
George Clegg started life at Man U
But he’s got a lot yet still to do
Then there’s Nugent, David’s his name
Started brightly but now not quite the same
There’s O’Neill, sent by Craig Brown
He’s “SuperJoe” in our part of town
Now we’ve got Macclesfield’s Flickers
Carlisle will be wetting their knickers
Christ Porter is next, the lad from Wigan
As strikers go, he’s quite a biggun
Shaughnie another, home grown from Bury
No-one will make him leave in a hurry
Simon Whaley on the sideline is stood
Give him a chance, the pride of Harwood
Terry Dunfield signed from Man City
We’d just enough money left in the kitty
Kennedy has a famous uncle and dad
But young Tom himself aint half bad
Seddon’s the man we bought from the RAF
Last season’s injuries were a hell of a faff
Lee Connell has shot the odd screamer
He’s a regular Bury first teamer
And who could forget poor Harpal Singh
We miss his pacey runs down the wing
Challinor’s staying with us for a while
Throwing the ball like a bloody missile
Daly’s another who’s here on a loan
We hope Sammy doesn’t want him home
So that’s pretty much the lads at the Gigg
We’re only a small club, not very big

The Bard of Bury FC