There was a young fella called Shaughny
Who made a young pop star feel rather horny
Cannot understand why
What with all that hair dye
But she obviously likes her men scrawny!

There was an ex-manager named Preece
Some say Bury FC, he did fleece
When asked "stop your greed"
He said "I've a family to feed"
"So stick your wage cut up your crease"

We've got a Welsh keeper called Glyn
All season, he's played out of his skin
Making save after save, he's thought of very highly
Some reckon he's even better than Kiely
Yet still, we've let 44 in!!

Our ex-chairman, Robinson was the name
Risky loans was the name of the game
Then finally he did sneer
"I'm a celebrity - get me out of here"
To join Colin, with head bowed in shame

Oh great joy for Harpal Singh!
He has just returned to training,
Getting back into the swing of things.
His medallions signalling his *bling, bling*.
Even though at Goshen, t'was raining,
He is, no doubt, the right wing king